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Runner Interview – Susan Gordon

I run because I have always been fit, and I love the feeling of being strong and able to move quickly and gracefully. I first met Susan at about the fourth race in the 2015 Vancouver Island Race Series. Here

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Downton Abbey

Well, that got your attention! But what does this charming BBC series have to do with running or exercise? Interesting question. True confession… I’ve just blitzed through the first two seasons of Downton Abbey on Netflix and yes, I loved

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Cross training: Yard Raking

I went for a lovely run this morning in the sunshine with a friend. That alone is enough to cheer me up! As I ran I noticed that lots of folks had neat little piles of leaf and branch litter

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Treadmill Running

My expected long run with friends did not happen yesterday, but I managed to score a ride with one of them to the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre for my swimming cross-training. I’m fairly new to the Centre and not familiar with

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Cross training : Swimming

I love swimming. When I was a kid I was a competitive swimmer. I was also a lifeguard; taught swimming lessons; was a SCUBA diver; and participated in a myriad of water sports. But I got out of doing all those

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