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Review: LIKE THE WIND magazine

“It’s about why we run, not how we run” I love this tag line on the cover of issue #6 of LIKE THE WIND magazine. This is so different from talk of paces, warm-up exercises or gear. A friend recently

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Running to myself or how did I get here?

About this time last year, my running life knocked itself up a notch. I had been a runner for about a decade after not being a runner for several decades. It was not that I was not active; it was

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Downton Abbey

Well, that got your attention! But what does this charming BBC series have to do with running or exercise? Interesting question. True confession… I’ve just blitzed through the first two seasons of Downton Abbey on Netflix and yes, I loved

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Running Paris

I visited Paris for the first time this past April and immediately fell in love with this amazingly beautiful, cultured and totally accessible city! Whilst there, I put in a couple of runs as well as walked miles all over

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