Who loves ya baby…

Denise and I began running together ten years ago, with the training schedule for the Vancouver Sun Run (first session, walk 5 minute, walk 1 minute!) Since then I have watched her transform, through determination, passion, and enthusiasm into one of the top mid-distance runners in her age class, as well as an inspiring running coach and mentor. – Alison

I signed up for a running clinic training for a 10km with Coach Denise. Over the couple month training period I learned from Denise to enjoy the hills, go for speed once in a while and commit to frequency. Denise doesn’t just “walk the talk” of a runner, she runs it with enthusiasm, joy and fun. I attribute Denise’s encouragement and support to the rejuvenation of my running. – Justine

Denise is so patient. Even with an old injured runner like myself. Meet new and old friends for a run or run walk then chill over coffee and the best Nanaimo bar in town – Susanne, Nanaimo

We really enjoyed the run. It was a great way to get a workout in, learn about some local history and get to experience a Nanaimo Bar. We thought the meeting place was convenient, the cost was very reasonable and the distance was appropriate – Joseph and Katie, Seattle

Just Dandy..…Energetic…..Nurturing..….Involved…..So fun……Experienced. Great clinic instructor at the Running Room that made everyone feel welcome and motivated! – Anne

Denise is a fabulous, upbeat and positive run leader. It is nearly impossible not to get excited about running when around her. She takes great care of her groups and leaves everyone feeling empowered and strong! – Stephanie

Denise’s enthusiasm for running is infectious! She takes you on a wonderful adventure through the trails and adapts to everyone’s level of fitness. – Trudy

Denise’s enthusiasm and verve for running and fitness is infectious! – Jane

Denise is an absolute joy to run with! Big smiles and lots of laughs. Her passion and knowledge shines through as a group instructor and makes running accessible and fun for all levels. – Katherine