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New GottaRun rack cards

New GottaRun rack cards*

You love to run?
You don’t know where to run in Nanaimo?
You’d like to learn a few things as you run?

I also love to run.
I know the city and many running routes.
I can take you on a guided running tour.

I’ve been running pretty much all my life – apparently I could walk at 10 months. I took a few years off while I “ran” after my kids, but then when they were old enough to not need that so much, I became slightly sedentary. A “your butt’s getting big” comment from one of my dear children about 10 years ago, got me back on the road again to running.

In the last couple of years I’ve been training for and completing in a lot of races (distances ranging from 1 mile to 1/2 marathon). I’ve coached several Running Room clinics and offered boot camps. I’m an avid yoga practitioner, which I find balances running perfectly. Follow me on Instagram for more about me and my cats, love of food, wine, and other funky stuff.

Enough about me… what about Nanaimo – this great city where I live? There are so many wonderful trails and routes to run and I’ve run most of them: from the waterfront to Mt. Benson. Our city’s history is full of stories and colourful characters; let me tell you about some of these. We have fabulous coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores, ice cream parlors, etc. that I’d love to show you. What about outdoor activities? Nanaimo is an adventure playground. Let me share my stories and you can tell me a bit about yourself, too, all while we run and have some fun.

Email, call or text to arrange a run. I prefer 24 hours notice, if possible and I’m happy to take out groups.

250-816-5191 or

Prices start at $15 per person for 1 hour of running fun!

*A special thanks to my daughter, Fiona Hawkes, for the beautiful graphic design work on my rack cards! I took the photo of my running buddy, Stephanie Green, up on Mt. Benson.


I am a runner.

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