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Are you a warrior or a princess runner?

When I run outside on a cold and rainy day and it feels so darn good, I often think of myself as a real warrior. I am definitely not a princess, until I jump in the hot bath with soothing

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Running Mantras

I had a guest speaker at my running clinic recently. Her topic was motivation. What is not to like about that? She was quite wonderful. She did not talk about running in the dark, cold, rain or heat. She did

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Running for the Mountain

Last weekend I participated in the 9th annual Run for the Mountain 6K (R4TM) race around Westwood Lake. The goal of the event is to raise funds for Mount Benson Regional Park. This beautiful 1,023M mountain serves a magnificent backdrop

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Lost in the Linley Valley

Earlier this week, I ran in Nanaimo’s lovely Linley Valley with my buddy Stephanie. It was only my second time there and she had never been. I knew she would love it, being a trail girl and all. I had

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Running to myself or how did I get here?

About this time last year, my running life knocked itself up a notch. I had been a runner for about a decade after not being a runner for several decades. It was not that I was not active; it was

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