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Summer and Fall 2016

My life was very eventful during the summer and fall of 2016! Having entered into a new age category earlier this year, I managed to win quite a few races in my age division. I also pushed through a selection

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Run Nanaimo

You love to run? You don’t know where to run in Nanaimo? You’d like to learn a few things as you run? I also love to run. I know the city and many running routes. I can take you on

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Runner Interview – Jill Davies

Through running I have re-discovered the joy and exhilaration of being in my body and swiftly moving one leg in front of the other! I first met Jill buying new running shoes at the Frontrunners store in Nanaimo back in

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Are you a warrior or a princess runner?

When I run outside on a cold and rainy day and it feels so darn good, I often think of myself as a real warrior. I am definitely not a princess, until I jump in the hot bath with soothing

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Running Mantras

I had a guest speaker at my running clinic recently. Her topic was motivation. What is not to like about that? She was quite wonderful. She did not talk about running in the dark, cold, rain or heat. She did

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