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Run Nanaimo

You love to run? You don’t know where to run in Nanaimo? You’d like to learn a few things as you run? I also love to run. I know the city and many running routes. I can take you on

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Running at the Fair

I always bring my running gear when I travel. I like to keep up with my training, plus I like to run new trails, see some new scenery and run with friends if possible. I recently travelled to San Juan

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Destination Running

Some people zip off to Maui or to New York, Berlin, Cape Town, Paris or any number of exotic locations for a marathon or a half. Or they partake in the famous Rock and Roll Marathon series held all over

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Running Paris

I visited Paris for the first time this past April and immediately fell in love with this amazingly beautiful, cultured and totally accessible city! Whilst there, I put in a couple of runs as well as walked miles all over

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GottaRun – let’s get this party started!

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to jump into the blogging world and let the business evolve around. Yes, this blog will mostly be about running and related matters, but non-runners can hopefully enjoy and learn

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