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Running Labrador: Hamilton River Road Bypass Trail

Runway Closure, Day 2 On day two of being one of the “Runway People”, I explored another trail.  You can read about my day one adventure where I ran on the fabulous Birch Island boardwalk trails.  I have to admit,

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Labrador Running: Birch Island

In early November 2017, I found myself faced with an unexpected stay in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador for a couple of days due to the Goose Bay Airport runway closure. Rather than get all worked up about this extra stay

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Run Nanaimo

You love to run? You don’t know where to run in Nanaimo? You’d like to learn a few things as you run? I also love to run. I know the city and many running routes. I can take you on

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Running at the Fair

I always bring my running gear when I travel. I like to keep up with my training, plus I like to run new trails, see some new scenery and run with friends if possible. I recently travelled to San Juan

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Destination Running

Some people zip off to Maui or to New York, Berlin, Cape Town, Paris or any number of exotic locations for a marathon or a half. Or they partake in the famous Rock and Roll Marathon series held all over

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