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Labrador Running: Birch Island

In early November 2017, I found myself faced with an unexpected stay in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador for a couple of days due to the Goose Bay Airport runway closure. Rather than get all worked up about this extra stay

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Bootcamp Storm

Join us for a chance to beat the doldrums, freeze out the blues and pump up the heat! You can’t just run, run, run all the time, without any other fitness activity. Sure running gets your cardio up and your

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Speaking of Runderwear (yes, another follow-up), I must tell you about some new seamless panties that I recently purchased from OmTown Yoga in Nanaimo. I apologize to the guys out there… especially if you don’t get the invisible panty-line concept.

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New Year’s Resolutions

I sat down today to check on my electronic life with my cats and a nice cup of tea, along with a few left over bits of Christmas baking (hey, someone has to eat them and once they are gone…

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I use an iPhone app called MapMyRun. It taps into the iPhone GPS and records my outdoor workouts. It specifically records the time, distance, elevation gain (great for running up mountains), pace and lays the route out on an interactive

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