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Running Labrador: Hamilton River Road Bypass Trail

Runway Closure, Day 2 On day two of being one of the “Runway People”, I explored another trail.  You can read about my day one adventure where I ran on the fabulous Birch Island boardwalk trails.  I have to admit,

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Nanaimo Bars: the story & recipe

Who does not like Nanaimo Bars? Named after the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo and they are world famous! They were even served at the Trudeau-Obama state dinner earlier this year. Let me tell you more about them, especially those

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Runner Interview – Jill Davies

Through running I have re-discovered the joy and exhilaration of being in my body and swiftly moving one leg in front of the other! I first met Jill buying new running shoes at the Frontrunners store in Nanaimo back in

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Runner Interview – Susan Gordon

I run because I have always been fit, and I love the feeling of being strong and able to move quickly and gracefully. I first met Susan at about the fourth race in the 2015 Vancouver Island Race Series. Here

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Top 10 pre-run Cs

I wrote about 3 of these Cs in a previous blog post, but since that writing, and thanks to comments from friends, I’ve added several more. These are really just helpful hints to assist you in getting up, out the

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