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Lots of stuff happening at GottaRun this summer:

Nanaimo Bar Trail Run

Join us each Tuesday morning at 9:30am as we run, tour and then eat a delicious Nanaimo Bar – from a restaurant on the official Nanaimo Bar Trail – at the end of the run! Registration required.

Running and Yoga

What a great combo – like peanut butter and jam or gin and tonic – join us each Thursday morning at OmTown Yoga in downtown Nanaimo for a 45 minute run followed by a 45 minute yoga session. Drop-ins or pass-holders welcome.

Track Running

Want to be a faster runner (no matter the distance)? Then run at the track. Join the Bastion Running Club each Wednesday morning at the Rotary Bowl Track (near NDSS) for some sprinting sessions with coaching. You will get lots of feedback from some long-time runners. Then we break for coffee, laughs and bragging at Bocca Coffee. Drop-ins welcome.

22 day 22 push-up Challenge

A fellow runner nominated me to participate in the 22 day 22 push-up challenge, so I decided to do it, just to prove that a 60 year old can do this. I started this on June 28, 2016 and will end on July 19, 2016. I’m posting a video each day showing my 22 push-ups on Instagram and if I remember, I share them on the GottaRun facebook page. This all started with a challenge from a US Military Veteran to bring awareness to the 22 Veterans and 1 active duty member that commit suicide everyday. In Canada the stats are one every 3 weeks. This is shocking. This challenge both honours these people and brings awareness to PTSD and depression. Reach out to help if you can.


I can’t help myself, I love to race and with all the running I do, it keeps me in shape to do a few races. Here are some that I’m considering or have actually signed up for:

  1. Vancouver Island Trail Running Series, Ladysmith (Transfer Beach) – July 16 – I’ve signed up for the 9K race, but there is also a 16K race.
  2. Brickyard Beast, Gabriola Island, BC – August 7 – I’m considering this 10K beast of a hill race.
  3. Run the Rock, Texada Island – August 28 – I’m thinking about how much I like this island and maybe a 8K would be sweet (there is also a full and a half marathon)
  4. September races… there are a few… I will add when I find them.
  5. GoodLife Fitness events, Victoria – October 9 – I’ve registered and paid my money for the 8K (fourth year doing this race!)

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