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Nanaimo Bar Trail Run or Walk

It’s coming back again this year! We have a kick-off event during the Nanaimo Festival, on March 24, where we’ll do a Nanaimo Bar Trail Run event in the morning (9:30am) and a Nanaimo Bar Trail Walk event in the afternoon (2pm).

Here are the details:

    Where: Meet at the Diana Krall Plaza and we’ll run or walk from there and return there too.
    When: March 24, 2017 (rain or shine) 9:30am for the runners and 2pm for the runners.
    Who: Runners or walkers – at the appropriate time – on your own, with a friend, with family, with a well-behaved dog, or with kid in a stroller.
    Cost: $8 per person, except kids in strollers and dogs (please register and pay in advance)
    What: Guided run/walk, tour, Nanaimo Bar and a beverage, e.g. coffee or tea
    More info: denise@gottarun.ca

    Then starting in May and running until September 2017, join in the Nanaimo Bar Trail Runs and Walks (new this year) every Tuesday. More details to follow soon.

    Nanaimo Bars: the story and the recipe
    Nanaimo Bar
    By popular demand, I’ve written a blog post about the noble Nanaimo Bar and have included my recipe, plus a childhood memory that is sure to embarrass my brother, Jim (isn’t that what sisters are for?).

    Vancouver Island Trail Race Series
    Vancouver Island Trail Race Series Logo
    I’m so excited to announce that I was selected to be one of the ambassadors for the 2017 Vancouver Island Trail Race Series. Which means I will be promoting the series and running the races. Watch for more news on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds!

    Check out these potential BC racing events:

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    2. Vancouver Island Trail Race Series
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